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What Is SizeGenetics?

By the name, people might think that SizeGenetics is a tool that can make genetic manipulation. Genetic manipulation usually deals with DNA. While the truth is there is nothing to do with genetic manipulation through modifying DNA.

So, inhale-exhale and stay relax. This brand presents the very famous male’s genital enlarger. Through years of experience, among other products, this one is known to be the best. It already helped men all over the world with penis size problem to have unbelievable adventure in bedroom. The beast inside will be set free.

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SizeGenetics Will Give The Money Back If The Product Doesn’t Work

SizeGenetics erase all worries that usually come to your mind. What would that be? Buying a device to make your penis larger, might make you worry about the result. However, because of the clinical test and has been proven by some sampling, you will be amazed by how SizeGenetics enlarge your penis. About the safety, you don’t need to worry. The most promising is the guarantee. They will give back the money if the size of your penis stays the same. It means that you won’t lose anything.

Many Considerations To Buy SizeGenetics

Safety Is Important

In the market, there are so many products that claim to be the best. The demand on penis extenders increases drastically as the answer of men’s fears. That is the reason why the products are competitive. The prices, the works and the results come in wide range. There are few good and real extenders that can give the great difference between before and after size.

The great result is not enough. The second most important of the product is the safety. However, this often been pushed aside. That is because some people really desperate and force rapid result. Sadly, many products really give the magic results but aren’t safe for humans health.

Most of those magical quick extenders do not have courage to take care the after sales. Actually, deep in their hearts, they already know that the products may take a risk on people’s health. More than 17 years of experience, the costumers had given feedback.

During that interval of time, the manufacturer has made progression on the design and all about the product. Day by day, the product gets better and better. Because of the perfection of the device, SizeGenetics got certified (by doctors) as the medical type 1 tool for physiotherapeutic. It also got stamp from European CE Health.

This product adds extra comfort. It also proofs that this device strives hard to minimize injury possibility when using the device. The quality is also seen from the material. SizeGenetics use materials that belong to medical grade. When the device contacts human skin, it is okay.

The device can be comfortably hanged on the pubic area. It makes your penis more secure and it is easier to put on. The brand also promises that the device will not disturb you activities such as urination, intercourse and other activities.

SizeGenetics brings the difference. This device has been being in the business for so long time. If it had bad result, you don’t see this in the market anymore. But, here we are. We are here to witness another success of SizeGenetics in penis extending. Two words that can describe, they are successful and save.  Those two words are not over hype. The track record, the rating, and people’s opinion are more than enough to proof their benefit.

How SizeGenetics Work

If there is nothing to do with DNA manipulation, so, how does this device work? That is the question that might pop up in your mind. Also, the statement of the safety will be explained here. SizeGenetics uses traction on penis.

When the penis is in flaccid condition, the device will extend it. This is the difference between this device and other products. Other products promise to extend the length. It does extend when the erection reach the highest level, but when it is over, the length goes back to normal.

SizeGenetics can do both, increase the flaccid penis length and increase the penis length during erection. The extension of the penis that can be reached is about 2 inches. Actually, the principle is also used by bodybuilders. The technique is similar. It is like ‘penis gym’.

The muscle is trained by the tension. Then the cells of the tissue are enlarged. This enlargement makes micro tears. The immunity of human body then rushes in and starts the healing process. For simple analogy, you can imagine on how the paving of the road work. It is enlarged and the blank room in the middle will be filled with the semen and sand.

Brain will detect the tear, and then the brain gives command to the body to bring the chemical messenger to heal the tear parts. After the healing process done, the cell will be stronger and better. It is like if you go to the gym center to work out.

You do it continuously to get great result. Use SizeGenetics daily (or in an interval of time) then the muscle will be trained and getting larger. But you have to remember that this needs constants usage. Also, if there is curvature abnormality, it will be healed too because the posture of the penis is also the focus of the device work.

The Followings Are The Changes That Brought By SizeGenetics:

  • Main change, the length of your penis (maximum 2 inches longer).
  • Higher confidence on bed performance.
  • The tissue of the penis will be stronger (gives the new sensation on the erection).
  • The penis’s posture will be corrected.
  • The blood circulation will be improved. The flow will be good and it boosts the ejaculation.

Before Buying SizeGenetics In USA, See The Features It Has

SizeGenetics has been on the market for a long time. It already builds good records. This product is also known as the precisely and popular extender. It says ‘precisely’ because it really works. Then, about the features, the device assures you that the cost you pay on this device is worth.

Here are some features you will get by buying SizeGenetics:

  • Safety guarantee. The device has been tested scientifically and clinically. So, the safety, the function and the design are real and do work.
  • The physical appearance of the device is luxurious. Some of you might think that the device is like scary surgical tool, but not at all. It comes with leather case that looks glamorous. If you’re planning on vacation, you can also bring it conveniently because you will get a bag that is easy to carry on completed with the lock and key for the privacy.
  • The rating is high, proven by more than 50.000 users in the whole world.
  • The device uses pads (3M) to avoid penis from unwanted skin friction.
  • The traction is able to produce 2800gm to give tension on the tissue of the penis.
  • The device provides extension bar to accommodate bigger or longer penis.
  • The headpiece uses MDA or Multi-directional angling, so it is comfortable to be used daily.

What Can We Expect?

SizeGenetics promises to give good things on the product especially the result. You just have to follow the rules to use it. It is prescribed carefully by the manufacturer and by the doctor behind the product. The experts and the researchers had experiments.

They see that 2800gm traction was the right force to train the penis to stimulate micro tears and also stimulate the cell proliferation. With that force combined with constant usage, the size expanding will be seen in one month.

Continue to use it constantly and there will be increment in about 15% (2 months usage). The increment will improved up to 19% if you use it for 4 months. In 5 months, the size change is 24% then the top of the change will be in 6 month with 30% size increment.

The other benefit that has been mentioned above is the curvature maintenance. Some of curvature abnormality might belong to the disease named Peyronie’s disease. The good news is, SizeGenetics also becomes medical device to fix this disease. Some doctors rely on this device and suggest the patient to use it in medicinal treatment.

The other diagnoses that are related to penis anomaly (anatomically) can also use SizeGenetics. Doctors who found various penis anomalies confessed that SizeGenetics did help the healing process.

Temporary Or Permanent Result?

This is the fear that often comes to our minds. But don’t worry, the result is permanent (depends on how you use it and what activities that you done/doing). If you follow the instruction, and the activities or physical pressure on the penis is right, so the result will last long.

After several months you use the device and already reach the size that you want, the new size will stay forever. That will last although if then you decide to discontinue the usage. This principle is similar with how the muscles of our body work. One important thing to notice is that the tissues of the penis may change. But the change is not far different.

Particular conditions (medically) can make the penis shrinking. But, the increased size stays permanent. Particular medical issues that happen to the penis may make the penis shrivelled. These conditions are not to be worried because the increment that you’ve gained from using the device stays the same (as the last you used it).

When cytokinesis (the process of cell fission) happens, the reached size of penis will be repaired. The process of changing the penis size is by ‘doing’ physical activity (using SizeGenetics). The result also stays physically. It is different from using chemical medicine to stimulate penis length. Once you stop the consumption, the size will be back to the original size. That is disappointing.

The Rating And What The Users Say

This device gains a high rank. Almost 90% of the customers gave 5 stars. It means that most customers are satisfied with the device. The ranks are taken from various website and marketplace. So, the data is trusted.

Here Are Some Reviews From The SizeGenetics Users

Pe Doc told a story about his experience with this wonderful device. He used the device for three months. For these first three months, there is 1 cm length increment. He continued using the device to reach his target. During his usage, the penis showed progression in length. He got his success with SizeGenetics.

Another successful review is from Banana Bender. His experience was a little different from the previous review. He used more than one device. He used two other devices too. He said that SizeGenetics was good and better than the other two. And with this great device, his penis extended 2 cm length.

On the SizeGenetics advertisement video, someone named Mizik gave great comment. He bought his SizeGenetics in 2009. His ‘length’ was 5 inches. Then now, his length is 7. It really worked on Mizik.

The last review is from the volunteer who wants to write a review about this device. He used digital track to make comparison between before and after using the device. He used photograph. He placed his penis by a ruler then took a picture of it. Then he used the device and took a picture again in the next 30 days.

He also took picture while doing the ‘exercise’ with the device. In the first month, it was hard to see the difference. This volunteer was a little upset. But he continued then two months later the good result was shown. He continued the usage and in four months, he already got his dreamy penis length.

Buy SizeGenetics Now

For you, in USA, who want to have success on the new level of pleasure by extend your ‘soldier’, visit the official website to get the genuine device. Not just for USA citizen, customers all over the world can also buy SizeGenetics through this official site. And just remember the guarantee. If there is no change on the size, SizeGenetics will return all your money back.

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